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Do you have an XPages project you need help on? Want to modernize your Notes applications to move them to mobile and/or the web? TLCC can either develop your application or provide that extra advice and help you might need. TLCC can provide consulting either remotely or at your location. As both developers and trainers, Howard is uniquely capable of working with your in-house development team to not only plan and develop your XPages application plus transfer the needed XPages development skills to your in-house developers.

One of the biggest issues we see with developers new to XPages is that they often embark on an application architecture design that is not optimal from both a performance and best practices point of view. It is important to properly architect your applications up front to avoid significant changes later on. Howard and Paul have experience with Bootstrap, Java, the Extension Library, and other XPages related technologies to properly architect and design your XPages application and get the project off to a good start.

Consulting/Mentoring services can be purchased in one hour, five hour, or 10 hour blocks. A one hour consultation is only $150 and less if purchased in a five hour or more block. Time is applied in .25 hour increments. To learn more about TLCC's mentoring services contact us by email or call us at 561-953-0096.
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