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Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages allow an organization to purchase a fixed number of TLCC course "units" at tremendous savings and apply those to any employee. The training manager will be assigned a special User ID at TLCC's Web site to register students, assign courses to students, and see how many units are left. Below is a screen image of TLCC's web-based Corporate Package system:

Corporate management system

Once assigned, the student can download the course(s) immediately from TLCC’s web site and start using it right away. TLCC's Web-based tracking application allows the training manager to track what courses are taken by each employee. The image below shows all the courses taken by a particular student. Get a handle on your training!

Click here to view a pdf file showing the units required for each TLCC course

The units in a corporate package may be assigned for up to one year from date of purchase. The instructor support and ability to download the course by each student will end 12 months from the date assigned. The students may continue to access the course on their local system.

The advantages of TLCC's Corporate Packages include:

Ease of use

TLCC's Corporate Package system is an easy-to-use education ordering and tracking system for your student employees and your training managers.

A lower investment in training

TLCC's Corporate Package pricing is the most cost effective way to get TLCC's courses and is much more economical than classroom training. There are no travel costs. Plus, students get trained when they need the skills, not when a class is being offered.

Here's an example of TLCC's pricing compared to the typical classroom pricing.

Classroom equivalent price
TLCC Price
TLCC price compared to classroom
Single Course
$500 per day of training
$250 per day of training
100-unit Corporate Package
200-unit Corporate Package
400-unit Corporate Package

(Four units are roughly equivalent to one classroom day.)

TLCC's Corporate Package customers include IBM/Lotus, Raytheon, Dupont, Westinghouse, and the Government of New Zealand.

Contact TLCC for more information and to order your Corporate Package.