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Customer Comments

The following comments are from real students who have experienced TLCC's innovative approach to Notes and Domino training!!

"I am in love with your training courses. They are well laid-out, very detailed in the explanations, and I am able to use all of the examples and activities on a daily basis. I have returned to many of the code snippets to use in my applications (especially dynamic tables). Thank you so much for helping me become a capable LN Developer!!"
Virginia Dohey, Software Developer at the Elliott Group

"Five stars to everything: course content, presentation, technical explanation and support. Paul and Howard responded all questions I posted promptly. Completed my company's first mobile application from start to production in two months. Anyone interested to develop a mobile app. with Notes 8.5.3, should take this course. THANK YOU TLCC." - Tony Chen, Application Developer at the largest Industrial Gas Company in the U.S.

"Well done on an excellent course. The material was useful, easy to follow and had a great mix of reading and hands on work. I will definitely be returning for more courseware in the future" referring to TLCC's Developing XPages Using Domino Designer 8.5 course.
Tamir Bowen, IRT, Melbourne, Australia

I passed LOT-952 (95%) and LOT-953 (77%). Now I'm starting with the web module. The TLCC material is very helpful.
Ferry Kranenburg, bureau bos

It is delightful to be working my way through course materials that are arranged logically using comprehensible language, standard English grammar, and buttons that do what they are supposed to do.  The presentation actually assists the learner - s/he doesn't have to learn the material in spite of the presentation.
Martha Cook, Developer Notes II, QS/1 Data Systems

"You guys are to training what Picasso was to art, simply, the master."
Mostafa De David, Network Analyst, Austin ISD

"Although I've been developing using Notes for around five years, the amount of questions that I could've answered two months ago would've been very small.  Thanks to your training course I managed to gain a reasonable pass mark."
Nick Mackenzie, Aviva, United Kingdom

"The course is wonderful!!!  It covers information I had never come across in all the blogs and tutorials and help files.  And the way it was presented, with the demos and activities was perfect!" referring to TLCC's Developing XPages Using Domino Designer 8.5 course.
Lenni Sauve, IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer, Mt. Royal University, Calgary

"Just took the R8.5 upgrade exam.  Score 100%. Good work on your materials."
John Turnbow, Huntsman
"In-depth explanation, easy to understand and great activities !" referring to the Notes Domino 8.5 Application Development Update course.
Maya Nanavati Dayal, IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Certified Application Developer

"Actually, this is one of the best online course I have ever taken. I love the way you do the hands on. I like to print stuff out, but then realized I miss the examples and there is a lot of info in the examples and demos."
Forrest Held, Director of Business Solutions, Wabash National

"This course was a big factor in preparing me for my IBM Lotus Notes Domino 7 Application Development Intermediate Skills certification. The class materials do indeed cover all the subject areas appearing on the exam ..."
Dan Ash, IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 7

"A few weeks ago, I took and passed the 710 Exam. This course (Notes Domino 7 Application Development 1) and as well as the CertFX practice exam helped me a lot!"
Carolyn Paulette
Anixter, Inc.

"I was able to complete both Sys Admin 1 & 2, and they were a major part in helping me to prepare for the R6 System Administration Upgrade Test that I took the end of January. I passed the test with a 94% which I am very happy with! Thanks to you all at TLCC for putting together such high-quality on-line courses. "
IBM Employee

"Your course was right on for the test, which I passed with a score in the 90s."
David Bradshaw
"I've completed the course, the survey and my certification exam. I just wanted to thank you and TLCC for your excellent course and service. Taking a course with TLCC was a very pleasant experience and it greatly helped me achieve my goals. I plan to take more courses in future with TLCC and I will absolutely highly recommend your courses to anyone who is looking for training."
Carmela Di Francesco

"The course content is very well organized, and will be a great reference to me as I write more script. It is very easy to look up common tasks. The course was very timely with a script I was currently writing, and helped me to easily understand some topics I was struggling with in my script, such as Notesitems. The course module structure is very well set up, and makes it easy to do smaller blocks at a time. Keep up the good work!"
Shelley Ludyk
IBM Corporation
"I'm a newly certified Notes Developer who still needs to learn a lot. I've taken a number of courses recently, but this is the first TLCC course I've taken. My first observation: This blows the socks off those other courses – even the classroom ones. A few weeks ago, I had a very frustrating experience with a downloadable LotusScript course from a company which shall remain nameless. No feedback and no opportunity to ask questions, but that ain't the half of it. You could only page forward(!) so there was no way to review. The exercises directed you to repeat a given line of code. If you typed it exactly as given, including white space, you got a pat on the back (but you didn't really learn how to use it). Oh, and there were TONS of mistakes in the content! Sure makes you appreciate the quality of a course like this one. Why didn't somebody tell me about TLCC sooner? I could have been so much smarter by now!"
IBM employee

“Just wanted to give TLCC a big thanks for the excellent course on JavaScript. I am now applying much of what I learned in your course to my web applications with Domino. In fact, I find myself referring back to the course material for help all the time as it is such a useful tool. This course material has some very good information on string manipulation, arrays, and the window.opener class that has made my applications much more dynamic and easier to use. Thanks again.”
Michale Grantham
L3-Comm Integrated Systems

“I was a CLP Developer at the R4.6 and R5 level. I am now a CLP Developer at the R6 level. I just wanted to say thanks to TLCC. The way I studied for the R6 Update exam was by taking the TLCC R6 Lotus Domino Update course and the CertFX R6 Update study program. I scored a 97 on the exam, the highest I have ever scored on a Lotus Domino exam. Thanks, TLCC, for the tools you have.”
Glenn M. Sadlik, CLP
Wachovia Bank

“I think some folks may be struck by a misconception... Since this is really computer-based training, some folks will already have a preconceived notion that this is little more than a specialized CBT. However, by the very interactive nature of "Discussions," there is quite a bit more that folks can get from the course... People need to understand that this is quite a bit better than any old CBT program. Better still... the fact that you guys are doing the whole thing within Notes/Domino itself... now, that's even more impressive! Good job!”
D'Artagnan Fischer

“All of your Lotus Notes courses have these positive commonalities:
  • Lotus Notes instruction using Lotus Notes is outstanding.
  • The technique of using a “ScriptText” box for the demonstrations is very ingenious and effective.
  • The idea that one can keep the course as a reference document is wonderful.
  • Having an instructor that is both skillful and responsive is a real advantage.
If you create all your courses with the same rich content and activities as this one you will be a very successful company. This is the 4th course (R5 Intermediate LotusScript) I have taken from you and is by far the most outstanding. It is very well developed and rich in content. It makes a great reference document for me for future development. The activities were excellent.”
David M Kusnier

“As one of the few certified IBM Domino developers to have passed all the Lotus language certification tests (LotusScript, Java and JavaScript), this undertaking would have been immensely more difficult and time consuming without the benefit of the TLCC language courses. I successfully used the recommended TLCC offerings for each language to easily pass all three tests on the first go. More importantly, my knowledge of each language prior to the TLCC courses was essentially nil. Using only their courses, I was able to learn each language from scratch to the point of passing the certification test AND being able to use each language meaningfully in the real world. Thanks TLCC!”
Bob Pratico, IBM C.A.P.
Raytheon K2 Software Application Development

“I just finished the R5 beginner LotusScript last night. Excellent training. Beats classroom training anytime!”
Steve MacTaggert

“This year I had a chance to participate in LotusSphere 2003 and I took the opportunity to take the LotusScript exam. Within one year I've not just achieved the CLP title but by passing this exam, I am now a Principal CLP thanks to TLCC. Just about a year ago, I did not know anything about Notes development. I was just a user. Then I started taking your first course and while I was studying I was building my very first Notes application. The TLCC courses not only helped me finish my project but prepared me for all of my exams. I think the TLCC courses are very thorough and give many practical examples which can be used in real life. I want to thank TLCC for helping me with my professional development.”
Judit Crankfield

“In terms of both managing a corporate account for the TLCC courses and having personally taken most of their offerings, I heartily recommend their products and services in the strongest terms possible. The quality, content and organization of every course are absolutely top-notch. The courses are peppered with real-world examples that stimulate student involvement, and make learning both challenging and fun. While each course can be completely taken 'stand-alone' with no degradation to the learning process, the real value comes from the on-line interaction with the TLCC instructors. Highly responsive, the TLCC instructors are among the best in their fields. With the TLCC courses, attaining my CLP Principal Notes Application Developer certification was a breeze. I eagerly look forward to their offerings for Notes/Domino version 5.0.

“As a TLCC corporate account manager, TLCC’s efficient procedures make this part of my job painless. Creating new student accounts and managing student courses couldn't be easier. In fact, I find my TLCC corporate account to be my primary tool in supervising the career paths for each of my developers.
“To my knowledge, there is no better dollar value on the market for Notes/Domino application development training.”
Bob Pratico
Raytheon, Huntsville IT Manager
CLP Principal Notes Application Developer

“I just wanted to convey my thanks to you and your colleagues for the excellent training materials you provide. This morning I took the Lotus 190-278 course, “Developing Domino Applications for the Web,” and I felt more prepared than I have for any of my other exams, for all of which I took the corresponding course in a classroom. I should also mention that I passed with 82%, which I am rather pleased about! One thing I would mention is that in the two courses, Beginner and Intermediate Domino Development, it may be an idea to mention that the exam does not require knowledge of frames or advanced searching, but that these are useful subjects to study in any case.
“And now, although I have heard through the grapevine that the R5 Update exam is tough, and although it has to be completed before the end of this calendar year, I am not worried at all as I have your training materials to guide me though.
Thanks again!”
Marion McLaughlin
Web/Lotus Notes Developer, IBM Corporation

“The courses were exceptional. In retrospect, they contained the best beginner information (on Lotus Notes and Domino) I have been able to find in any reference medium.”
Dennis L. Macke, Hazelwood Farms

“Course was really pretty easy to follow. I had previously started reading a book on Lotus Notes and TLCC included some aspects of Notes that weren't covered in the book.”
Oliver Schoolfield, Schoolfield Data Services

“I like this course very much. The reason is that for each step that I learned, I had a chance to practice. The end results are very helpful. At the end of every Module, I always compared my result with the course end result. When they looked different, I tried to find out the reason.”
Lydia Tam, ilan Systems

“The course material was well put together. Although I'm not one for on-line interactive courses I do like the fact that the database acts as a repository for valuable information.”
Kevin Landry, Waters Corporation

“The (Lotus Notes and Domino training) course was awesome. I already knew the material, but I was very impressed with your product.”
Tony Patton, Baseline, Inc.

“I was impressed with the course – lots of good content and examples. I also liked the concept of CourseRoom/Discussion, and it is a good demonstration of a Notes concept in the real world.”
Justin Knol, Com Tech Communications

“Yours is a fantastic program. It is obvious that a lot of serious effort was put into it. It is great for practical people who have to develop real world Lotus Notes applications.”
Jim Cavanaugh

“My overall impression of the course was very good. The design of the lessons was well put together and was easy to navigate. The use of DocLinks was well thought out. There was no problem accessing the module’s documents, demo scripts and activities. The examples were very good and demonstrated the concepts well.”
Howard Shevitz, Lotus Development Corporation

“Being a beginning Notes developer (and not having a programming background), the course content and presentation were excellent!”
Wendy S. Attenberg, Allin Communications