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Certified Developer Package for Notes and Domino 9Print Package Information
Zero to Hero! This package is ideal for anyone interested in getting certified as an IBM Certified Application Developer - IBM Notes and Domino 9 or anyone just getting started with Notes and Domino development. You do not need any previous Notes/Domino development experience. Start off with TLCC's Application Development 1 and 2 courses to learn native Notes client application development and progress into XPages development with three of TLCC's XPages courses. The courses included are: To get certified as an IBM Certified Application Developer - IBM Notes and Domino 9 requires passing two very comprehensive exams. These five courses will prepare you for these two exams (409 and 410), which are administered by Prometric on behalf of IBM. In addition, the Mobile XPages Development course will prepare you for the Exam 411. After you pass the 409 and 410 exams, passing the 411 exam will earn you the IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer certification.
Click here to learn more about the IBM certification program for application developers and the required exams

The five courses included in this package would cost $4,200 if purchased separately, SAVE $1,600 WITH THIS PACKAGE!

Already know Notes application development and just need help with the XPages topics? TLCC offers a package with just the three XPages courses.
Click here to view TLCC's XPages Certification Package for Notes and Domino 9

System Requirements
Audience and Prerequisites
Some experience using the Notes 9 client as an end user. No programming knowledge is required.

Basic knowledge of the JavaScript programming language is also helpful for the XPages courses and can be obtained with the following TLCC course: