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Local Web Preview and Skype Click here to see all the Developer/Admin Tips

Date tip published:03/09/2011
Description:There are often issues when previewing local Domino web applications in the Notes client and/or Domino Designer. The problem is that port 80 is used by the local web preview feature and is frequently also used by other programs. One such program is Skype. This tip will show you how to configure Skype so it does not use port 80.

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Web Preview and Skype

A common cause of problems with the local web preview feature is due to the Skype program using port 80. If you are having problems previewing a local database, either from Domino Designer or the Notes client and you have Skype running, check to be sure that Skype is not using Port 80.

Follow these steps to configure Skype to not use port 80:

  1. In Skype go to Tools | Options.
  2. The Options dialog shown below is opened. First click the Advanced tab on the left and then click the Connection tab. Make sure the check box for Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections is NOT checked as shown in the image.

  3. Click the [Save] button to save your changes and close the dialog.

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