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Secure your future! TLCC's highly acclaimed training can enhance your skills, help you get certified, and become more “marketable” in your field. Train all your users too!
TLCC, the leader in Notes and Domino training since 1997, offers a complete selection of courses on Notes, application development, system administration, XPages, Java, LotusScript, and JavaScript. Sign up for a course at our web site, download it onto your home or office computer (or both) and learn at your convenience.
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Fall Into Savings on TLCC's Most Popular Courses and Packages - Save hundreds of dollars on TLCC's XPages, Notes and Domino Developer and Administrator courses. Hurry, this sale ends on September 30th!

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XPages Show and Tell - Come look at what TLCC did for one of our clients in their XPages based collaboration application! We modernized thier application and enabled it for mobile use plus added lots of cool features like sliders!
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Let TLCC's Experts Develop Your XPages Applications - Need help creating XPages applications? Howard and Paul from TLCC can provide you one-on-one help with your development project or can do it all for you. Move your Notes applications to mobile or the web!
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Upcoming Webinar: XPages and jQuery DataTables

Do you find adding view data to XPages unnecessarily painful? This webinar by Michael Smith will focus on unleashing the power of jQuery DataTables within your XPages and demonstrate how to create a scalable infrastructure that minimizes the need for additional views and design changes to XPage design elements by using REST services and a reusable custom control. We will also dig into the api of DataTables and show you how to take advantage of its rich feature set to enhance the UI of your Views and tables within your XPage applications. With XPages and DataTables, adding View data to your XPages can be simple, fast, powerful, and painless!
Join us on October 11th at 10:30 to noon (NY time) for this webinar!

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Michael Smith, Mutual Boiler RE

Recorded Webinar: Take a Trip Into the Forest - A Java Primer on Maps, Trees, and Collections

Wondering how to take advantage of Java and Managed Beans in XPages? To do this requires knowing how to store data in Java objects and a good understanding of Maps, Trees, Lists, and Sets. No, we are not talking about Google Maps or those big green things in forests but different Java interfaces!

Come learn from Howard Greenberg of TLCC as he discusses different programming models to use when storing application configuration information, speeding up lookups to Domino data and feeding data to repeat and table controls. Learn how to build reports from different data sources. Plus, Howard will also look at working with dates and numbers in Java and Domino. Finally, he will review the Domino Java APIs and an alternative, the OpenNTF Domino API.

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Howard Greenberg

Try a FREE course - The best way to evaluate TLCC’s training is by actually trying a course or two - at no cost or obligation! TLCC even has a complete three hour course available at no charge to introduce you to XPages development, Introduction to XPages Development.
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Need Help Selecting the Right TLCC course? - TLCC's skill paths will help you determine what skills you need to meet you goals. If you are interested in XPages, upgrading your certification, or are new to Notes and Domino, TLCC can help! Just choose your goal and we will map out the skills needed. You can also contact our Education Counselors to get help selecting the right courses for you.
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