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TLCC is in the process of evaluating courses for Domino V10. This new version does have new functionality and new programming models (Node.js). However, all the existing functionality from Domino 9 is still available in V10. Therefore, TLCC's Domino 9 courses will continue to be very valuable in learning Domino development and administration for Domino V10 and beyond.

Currently TLCC's course installer will NOT allow installation on Notes V10 clients. TLCC is in the process of adding support for V10 installations. The TLCC Downloads page will be updated to indicate which courses have been updated to allow a V10 installation. If you have an existing course installation file it will NOT work on V10. If your course is still active you can download the V10 enabled installation file when it is available for your course. If your courses do no appear in the Downloads page than you will have to re-enable access to the course (or upgrade to the Domino 9 version). In either case, to re-enable your access will only cost $99 per course.

Below are the list of TLCC courses that will install on Notes/Domino V10:
  • Introduction to XPages Development (9)
  • Notes Domino 9 Application Development 1 Demonstration