Notes Domino 9 System Administration Update
Summary Description
Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition introduces several new features and enhancements that will be of great interest to administrators. This self-paced course, designed for experienced Domino 8.5 administrators, will teach you how to take full advantage of these new features. Learn about the changes in the Notes and iNotes 9.0 clients, including the new Social Edition interface and preferences. Discover the changes to the Domino 9 server including new policy settings, security enhancements. and new monitoring and analysis enhancements such as the Quality of Service (QoS) feature and the Database Maintenance Tool (dbmt). Learn how to implement and deploy the OpenSocial component and render embedded experiences for Notes and iNotes clients. This course also shows how to integrate certain IBM Connections 4 components with Notes and iNotes 9.0 Social Edition clients. The course includes complete instructions on how to setup the course environment including a test Domino 9.0 Social Edition server.
TLCC's Notes Domino 9.0 Social Edition System Administration Update course is a great way to learn what's new in Notes Domino 9.0 Social Edition and prepare for the update exam (LOT-405) to quickly update your certification to IBM Certified System Administrator - Notes and Domino 9.0

Audience and Prerequisites
Experienced Notes and Domino 8.5 System Administrators

System Requirements
  • Notes 9 client
  • Domino Administrator 9 client
  • Domino 9 Server (The course includes instructions on how to download and install the free trial version of the Domino 9 Administrator client and the Domino 9 server.)
  • At least one computer on which the Domino 9 test server can be installed
  • Access to the Internet for instructor support

Course Modules
Module 1 - Update Overview / Course Configuration
This module provides an overview of new features in Domino 9.0 Social Edition. The activities in this module provide detailed instructions to install and configure a test Domino server and a test Domino Administrator client. This testing environment will be used to complete the activities in the other modules in this course.
  • Review the new features in Domino 9.0 Social Edition
  • Install and configure a test Domino server
  • Install and set up a test Domino Administrator client
Module 2 - Domino Server Enhancements
This module provides details and instructions for implementing the new Domino Server enhancements introduced in Domino 9.0 Social Edition. Improved Domino server monitoring and analysis in this release is made possible through the new Quality of Service (QoS) feature and enhancements to the Fault Analyzer task. This module also covers additional administration and database enhancements such as the new Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT) introduced in this release.
  • Enable and configure the new Quality of Service feature to help keep Domino servers up and running reliably
  • Understand the enhancement to the Fault Analyzer task for calculating and displaying dispositions
  • Configure the enhancements for return receipts for both outgoing and incoming messages on Notes and iNotes clients
  • Understand the various command line options for running the new Database Maintenance Tool
  • Create and configure a Program document for running the Database Maintenance Tool
  • Use the new Updall option to have it skip tasks that are better performed by DBMT
Module 3 - Client Enhancements, Features and Configuration
This module introduces some of the new features and enhancements to the IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition client and IBM iNotes 9.0 Social Edition client. The Individual lessons for both the Notes and iNotes clients provide an overview of the new interface and features included in this release as well as cover any administrative changes such as the new client preferences now assignable by policy. The new IBM Notes Browser Plug-in which enables users to work with legacy Notes applications directly in a browser is also covered in this module.
  • Discover the new user interface changes included with Notes 9.0 Social Edition
  • Apply the new Notes client preferences that are now assignable by policy
  • Discover the new Notes and iNotes mail and calendar features and how they can be enabled or configured
  • Learn how to use the new searching enhancements
  • Become familiar with the Instant Messaging enhancements (embedded Sametime) such as using live text to call a phone number
  • Apply and configure the new features for Widgets in the Notes and iNotes client
  • Discover and configure the new Notes links enhancements for the iNotes client
  • Integrate iNotes with IBM Docs
  • Install and configure the new IBM Notes browser Plug-in
Module 4 - Domino Security Enhancements
Domino 9.0 Social Edition security is enhanced with the support of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for federated identity authentication. This enhanced form of single sign-on authentication provides for a better user experience and also helps reduce administrative cost. This module will outline the process required to implement and configure SAML for federated identity authentication. The addition of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2) support in this release is also covered in this module. Finally, this module describes how support for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is provided in Domino 9.
  • Use Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to configure federated identity authentication
  • Understand the support for using Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-2) with encryption
  • How to provide Transport Layer Security (TLS) support
Module 5 - OpenSocial and Embedded Experiences Configuration
Notes and Domino Social Edition 9.0 along with the OpenSocial component allows for the use of OpenSocial 2.0 gadgets in the sidebar, popups, and anywhere Notes and iNotes previously made widgets available. OpenSocial 2.0 gadgets can also be rendered as an "Embedded Experience" in the Notes and iNotes mail. This module covers the process and required procedures for implementing and configuring the OpenSocial component for both the Domino 9.0 Social Edition server and Notes/iNotes clients in order to support the rendering of OpenSocial Widgets and Embedded Experiences in Notes and iNotes 9.0 Social Edition. This module also provides an overview for adding two IBM Connections OpenSocial gadgets to the Notes and iNotes clients as well instructions for integrating Connections Files and IBM Docs with iNotes 9.0 Social Edition clients.
  • Install the OpenSocial Component for Domino 9.0 Social Edition
  • Configure the Domino mail server for the OpenSocial component
  • Configure the Domino server to run the OpenSocial component with Shindig
  • Understand the benefits of the Credential Store application and its role in the OpenSocial component implementation
  • Create and manage the Credential Store application
  • Perform the necessary configurations for Notes clients including managed accounts and policies
  • Configure automatic widgets updates and the necessary policies for the OpenSocial component in iNotes
  • Create and publish OpenSocial widgets as well as Web widgets configured for Embedded Experiences
  • Perform the required widget approval process in order for clients to be able to install and use OpenSocial widgets
  • Render Embedded Experiences in mail
  • Import a pre-configured Widget into the Widget Catalog
  • Learn how the two Connections 4 OpenSocial gadgets (Updates and Embedded Experiences) can be made available for Notes and iNotes clients
  • Integrate IBM Connections 4 Files and IBM Docs with iNotes