Notes Domino 9 Application Development Update
Duration: 3 classroom equivalent days
Discussion Access: 12 months

Summary Description
Domino 9 has many new features for developers including the inclusion of the Extension Library controls for XPages to enable you to create a great looking user interface for your XPages application. The Notes Domino 9 Application Development Update course introduces many of these controls that are new in Domino 9. Ready to move your applications to mobile devices? Domino 9 also has a full set of Mobile controls and this course will teach you how to create a mobile web application using the new Mobile controls. This course also covers new features in Domino Designer 9 like the Server Side JavaScript debugger, source control, new @Functions for SSJS, and new performance settings for XPINC (XPages in the Notes client). This course also covers Domino Data Services, which allow any application to access Domino data using JSON and the new calendar API to allow the creation, modification and deletion of calendar entries via LotusScript, JavaScript, Java and C programs.

This course is a great way to prepare for the certification test (LOT-408: IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development Update) required to update your 8.5 certification and become an IBM Certified Application Developer - Notes and Domino 9.

Audience and Prerequisites
Experienced Notes and Domino 8.5 application developers with XPages development experience.
The following TLCC courses (or their equivalent) are prerequisite for this course:
  • XPages Development 1 for Notes and Domino 8.5
  • Developing XPages using Domino Designer 8.5

System Requirements
The system requirements for this course are:
  • IBM Notes and Domino Designer 9.0
    (This must be installed prior to installing this TLCC course.)
  • A current web browser client (preferably Google Chrome)
  • Access to the Internet for instructor support

Course Modules

Module 1 - What's new in IBM Notes and Domino 9
This module provides an overview of new features and enhancements to the Domino 9 server, and the Notes 9 and iNotes 9 clients. The Notes Browser Plug-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer is also described in this module.
  • Learn about the new features and enhancements to the IBM Domino 9 server.
  • Learn about the new features and enhancements to the IBM Notes 9 client.
  • Learn about the new features and enhancements to the IBM iNotes 9 client.
  • Learn about the new IBM Notes Browser Plug-in for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Module 2 - What's New in IBM Domino Designer 9
Domino Designer 9 includes several new features and enhancements for Notes Domino and XPages application developers. This module first covers the new additions to the Designer client including the new Xsp Properties editor UI and enhancements to the XPages Source editor. XPages performance related features such as partial refresh and partial execution are examined as well as ways to improve XPiNC performance via a new Application Property option (or client Preference) as well as setting new client Preference options to preload XPages for selected applications. The new Jars design element for working with Java Jar files is covered in this module as well as working with the new Server-side JavaScript Debugger built-in to Designer 9. Other miscellaneous changes that affect XPages developers such as the new custom control properties editors and the new "Send Mail" simple action are covered in this module. Several Server-side JavaScript @Functions previously only available through the OpenNTF Extension Library are now standard in Domino 9 and are covered in this module. Finally, source control options in Domino 9 are also examined in this module.
  • Familiarize with new Designer interface enhancements such as the new Home page, Xsp Properties editor and XPages Source editor
  • Review JSF Life cycle and the performance impact of partial refresh and partial execute
  • Discover new feature in Server Options for selecting which control to be partially executed
  • Set new 'Run on server' option in the Notes client preferences (per user) or via Application - Launch properties
  • Discover new XPages Performance options in client Preferences for selecting applications to pre-load XPages in memory
  • How to use the new Jars design element to import a Java Jar file and then use it programmatically in an XPage
  • Use the new Server-side JavaScript Debugger included with Designer 9
  • Discover other changes affecting XPages development such as the Xsp Properties, built-in spell checker for CK Editor, new custom control Properties editors and "Send Mail" simple action
  • Use the new Server-side JavaScript @Functions for working with error messages, URLs, text, top parent IDs, and view icon paths
  • Learn how to use the Source Control options available in Designer 9

Module 3 - The Extension Library Controls
This module covers some of the Extension Library controls that were added to Domino Designer release 9.0. The main oneui framework controls are covered including the Form Table, Data View, Navigator and Application Layout controls.
  • Understand the purpose and function of editable areas, facets and keys
  • Use the Dump Object control to display the contents of a JavaScript object or XPage component object
  • Discover the features and advantages of using the Form Table control
  • Understand the benefits of using a Dynamic Content control
  • Use a Dynamic View Panel control to dynamically display one of several Domino views
  • Provide different interface options for a Value Picker control including check boxes, search, validation and type-ahead support
  • Configure the Name Picker control to pick names or groups from public and personal address books or names from a specified Domino view
  • Design Dialog controls to display static information or to be used as a type of "dialog form" for user input
  • Understand the Data View design framework and its differences/advantages to the core View control
  • Use and configure the five different ExtLib pager controls for use with a Data View
  • Introduce the different treeNodes property choices used to build a "tree" of choices (nodes) with branches and sub-branches
  • Use a Navigator control to create a list of navigation options to either navigate to a different XPage or to navigate/change the content in the existing XPage
  • Identify and understand how the six facet areas and five bar areas of the Application Layout are set
  • Implement the search feature with the Application Layout
  • Design an Application Layout in a Custom Control

Module 4 - Mobile Controls
This module will cover how to use the mobile controls to begin building an mobile XPages application. First, the Single Page Application control is introduced as the parent container for all other mobile pages in the application. The remaining mobile controls are then introduced and demonstrated in the rest of this module. Key properties for each control are examined along with demonstrations to show how they affect the interface and navigation of the mobile application. Finally, this module covers how to effectively display a Domino view and documents in a mobile XPages application.
  • Enable a Domino application for mobile application development
  • Examine the Mobile controls and describe their general purpose and function
  • Understand the containment model and architecture of an mobile XPages application
  • Add a Single Page Application control and the Application Page controls to an application
  • Add a Page Heading, Rounded List, Rounded List Item and Tool Bar Button to a mobile application
  • Add a Tab Bar and Tab Bar Button controls to a mobile application
  • Use different techniques to provide navigation from mobile page to mobile page
  • Add a Toggle Switch control to an application
  • Create a mobile page to display a Domino view
  • Create a mobile page to display a Domino document

Module 5 - New Programming Options for Notes and Domino 9
This module first covers how to enable the new Domino Data Services support in Domino 9 at the server, application and view level. An overview of some of the key API interfaces such as the Database collection, View entry, and Document is then presented. The three new calendar classes introduced in Notes Domino 9 is covered in this module including demonstrations for creating, reading, and deleting calendar entries.
  • Enable Domino Data Services for a server
  • Enable a Domino application to use Domino Data Services
  • Enable views to use Domino Data Services
  • Explore the Domino Data Services API
  • Discover the three new Calendar classes available in Domino 9
  • Use the NotesCalendar class to create a new calendar entry
  • Use the NotesCalendarEntry class to read the calendar entry data
  • Use the NotesCalendarNotice class to decline a meeting invitation

Module 6 - Changes in Release 9.0.1
This module covers the enhancements and new features included in the 9.0.1 release of IBM Domino and IBM Domino Designer. There are new default memory settings in the file and enhancements to Domino Access Services and a new Domino Calendar Service. Many new accessibility properties and features are introduced for XPages applications and there are several enhancements to the XPages Mobile controls. Indexing of information contained in the Dynamic Content control can be enabled for search index robots (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and there is a new ByNoteId approach to enable high performance View navigation.
  • Explore the new default memory settings in the file
  • Review the enhancements to Domino Access Services and the new Domino Calendar Service
  • Use the new accessibility properties and features for XPages applications
  • Enable search indexing of Dynamic Content by search index robots (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Enable the new high performance View navigation
  • Enable the application launch property to run XPiNC applications directly on the Domino server
  • Review the enhancements to the XPages Mobile controls.