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Published on March 16,2021

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In This TLCC Newsletter:
1. March OpenNTF Webinar: Nomad Mobile - Tips and Tricks
2. HCL Domino 12 Beta Available to All HCL Customers
3. TLCC No-charge Courses and Resources at TLCC's site

1. March OpenNTF Webinar: Nomad Mobile - Tips and Tricks

Want to deploy your "classic" Notes client applications to mobile devices? Learn how HCL Nomad can deploy your Notes applications to your user's phones and tablets with no to minimal changes. Optimize those applications to really make those applications shine on mobile devices using new @Functions and LotusScript calls. Two presenters from HCL will share what Nomad Mobile is and the new functionality for optimization. Then see how a developer took an old Notes application and optimized it for Nomad and specific devices.

The speakers will be:
Thomas Hampel, HCL
Maxx Sutton, HCL
Theo Heselmans, HCL Lifetime Ambassador
Tom Van Aken, HCL Ambassador

This webinar will take place on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM. There will be time for questions at the end.

To register for this webinar go to:

2. HCL Domino 12 Beta Available to All HCL Customers

HCL has released a beta of Notes and Domino v12. This new version will add lots of new features including:

Reduce your total cost of ownership by using DAOS tier 2 objects across servers

A wide range of security improvements including:
Two Factor Authentication (TOTP)
Automated SSL/TLS certificate management with built-in support for Let’s Encrypt
Implementing IP based blocking of failed authentication attempts based on this idea
And many more

Automate your Domino server installation and initial configuration

Domino directory enhancements: A variety of improvements around the Domino directory design (pubnames.ntf) to improve usability for administrators

Domino Designer
XPages now uses Bootstrap 4.4.1

Improvements to build responsive and mobile Domino applications,

Ability to use DQL in Formulas

Notes Client
Significantly improved the performance on Windows and Mac, especially on slow networks.

Improved Search: When searching for a person, an email, or a Notes application, suggestions will now appear in the typeahead. Your recent searches will also be displayed in the typeahead. This is based on this idea.

Multiple email signatures: If you were bothered by the lack of email signature management before, Notes v12 allows you to choose a signature when you compose, reply or forward an email.

Choose a different “From” address when composing an email, a feature initially requested by Vlaad in this idea.

To learn more and to get started with the beta go to:

3. TLCC No-charge Courses and Resources at TLCC's site

TLCC offers several demonstration and complete courses at no cost. The demonstration courses work just like the actual TLCC course but contain a subset of the lessons. The following demonstration and full courses are available:

Developer courses:

User courses: If you are receiving this newsletter then you do not have to register again at the TLCC site to try a demonstration course. Your username is at the end of this newsletter.

To try the demonstration courses (and view the Notes and Domino 8.5 demo courses) go to:

Many of the previous TLCC webinars are recorded and available for your viewing.

To view the recorded webinars go to:

TLCC Homeroom - To edit your TLCC registration details, view your courses, upgrade your courses to the latest level, or reactivate a course go to:

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