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Published on January 9,2017

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In This TLCC Newsletter:
1. Engage 2017 Open For Registration
2. Show and Tell - Before and After TLCC's Application Rework!
3. Take your XPages Development Skills to the Next Level
4. Upcoming Events for IBM Collaborative Solutions Professionals
5. Attention IBM Employees - TLCC's courses are now available at the Talent@IBM site
6. No-charge Courses and Resources at TLCC's site

1. Engage 2017 Open For Registration

Engage 2017 will be help in Antwerp, Belgium on May 8th and 9th. This is the premier user group event in Europe! There will be over 60 sessions in five different tracks delivered by many of the leading experts in our community.

Session proposals are still being accepted.

Make plans now to attend Engage 2017! Registration is now open.

To get more information and to register go to:

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2. Show and Tell - Before and After TLCC's Application Rework!

As part of a project TLCC did for a client we updated an old XPages web application to use Bootstrap and work in mobile and desktop devices. This application is for an online university and is where students and professors collaborate using assignments from the professor and discussions with fellow students. Part of this application also has the students do peer evaluations where students rank each other at several points during the semester. TLCC changed the interface for ranking their fellow students from a simple combobox control to a nice slider. The interface the professors used was also changed from a confusing Domino type view to expandable panels for each evaluation which opened to display a list of the students and their average score. Professors could then choose to view the details behind each average score and see the score that the other students gave that were used in the computation of the average.

Below is an image showing the before screen where students would rank the other students. Before they got here they first saw another page that showed the list of available evaluations and clicked a button to get here.

Below is the reworked application. Students can view all the available evaluations and grade the other students all on the same page using sliders to assign the score. Also, you can see here the addition of menus at the top to allow the users to navigate to the other parts of the website and navigatation along the left to navigate to the different parts of the collaboration application including the different discussion forums, announcements, etc. This application is mobile enabled using Bootstrap.

Another part of the application allows the professor to view the results of the rankings the other students gave. Below is the before image, which was simply a Domino view surfaced in a View Panel.

Below is the redesigned interface. A Java managed bean is used to consolidate all the information about each student's evaluation and to hold the details. The professors can quickly go to an evaluation, expand the panel and see the list of students and their assigned average scores. If they want to view the details they can open a list of what scores the other students assigned, all right on the same web page. Determining the student's scores and how they were computed is very easy now!

This is a small example of the application development skills that we bring to an application development project. Through the use of XPages, Bootstrap and Java, we can modernize and mobilize your Notes client applications and Domino web applications.

For more information on TLCC's application development capabilities go to:

3. Take your XPages Development Skills to the Next Level

Java is the preferred programming language for XPages development. TLCC offers two Java courses designed just for XPages Developers. Both courses are taken using your Domino Designer client. TLCC's unique form of demonstrations and activities lets you view live Java code right on the demonstration XPage. This makes it easy to see both the code from the Java code design element and how that Java code integrates with the XPage itself. You can get both courses together with TLCC's Java for XPages Package at a great price! Start programming with Java in your XPages today!

Java 1 for XPages Development (9.0) is for developers who desire to get the basics of the Java programming language and how to write Java code in XPages. You will practice writing Java code right in Domino Designer. This course covers:

    • How Java is used in XPages
    • The Java editor in Domino Designer
    • The basic Java operators, statements and core classes
    • How to use Java to access and interact with Domino Objects including the Session, Database, View and Document objects
    • Java Arrays, Vectors and Collections
    • Integrating Server-side JavaScript with Java
    • Creating and using the Java Code Design Element in XPages
    • Migrating Domino Java web Agents to XPages
    • And much more!
Java 2 for XPages Development (9.0) is where you take your Java skills to the next level with advanced XPages development techniques. You will learn:
    • How to debug Java in XPages
    • Use the Expression Language (EL)
    • Create and Use Managed Beans
    • Use the Dynamic View Panel Customizer Bean to customize the views in the Dynamic View Panel
    • Create Navigators with Java using the Bean Picker
    • Use third party Java libraries like Apache POI and FOP to export Domino data to spreadsheet and PDF formats
    • Create a shopping cart application

Get both courses together for only $999 until January 31st with TLCC's Java for XPages Package! Save $600 with this package.
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To learn more about TLCC's Java for XPages Development courses go to:

4. Upcoming Events for IBM Collaborative Solutions Professionals

Connect 2017 in San Francisco, CA on February 20 - 23, 2017

Engage 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium on May 8-9, 2017

5. Attention IBM Employees - TLCC's Notes and Domino 9 courses are now available at the Talent@IBM site

TLCC's technical courses are available at the Talent @ IBM site for IBM employees including the XPages courses. There is no need to use a credit card or get a purchase order! (Note, there may be an internal department charge depending on your geography.)

To see a complete list of courses available to IBM employees and suggested skills paths go to:

6. No-charge Courses and Resources at TLCC's site

TLCC offers several demonstration and complete courses at no cost. The demonstration courses work just like the actual TLCC course but contain a subset of the lessons. The following demonstration and full courses are available:

Developer courses:

User courses: If you are receiving this newsletter then you do not have to register again at the TLCC site to try a demonstration course. Your username is at the end of this newsletter.

To try the demonstration courses (and view the Notes and Domino 8.5 demo courses) go to:

To view the XPages learning videos (highly suggested to view along with taking the Introduction to XPages Development course above) go to:

TLCC periodically offers live webinars on popular topics. In addition, many of the previous webinars are recorded and available for your viewing.

To view the list of upcoming webinars as well as the recorded webinars go to:

Tips Archive
TLCC has archived all of our tips for Notes/Domino. The Tips Archive, which can be searched, is an excellent source of ideas and sample code to try in your applications.

To view the archive of all the tips go to:

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